Willabee Tristin

Elven Cartographer extraordinary


Willabee Tristan, or Tristan for short, is a legendary traveler and storyteller, and is most famous for his guidebooks, which are canon elements of the lands. He is oft portrayed as the quintessential “go-to guy” of the Realms even if his information is, at best, half-accurate. He was a too-curious-for-his-own-good traveling scholar and minor Scorer. Always on the lookout for an exposé, a new lands.While Tristan reputation is well-earned and well-kept, there are others who tend to profit from it.

The Grand Guide to his Guide books are as follows:

You might remember me from such tomes as…. Tristan’s guild to getting your way. Tristan’s guild to 5 things NOT to do in the Under-dark. Tristan’s Guild to How to get away with it “expanded edition”. The art of cutting the deal! Making friends in any species! Knowing when to run away! What to do with a fist full of Gold. What to say to the merchant when he tells you its only a few coins more.

Willabee Tristin

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